We can get involved at the planning stage of your project or as soon as you are ready for execution. Limit cost over-runs and avoid finger pointing between sub-trades. Entrust us with the first stages of your construction project. We offer an integrated service combining excavation, form work, stone laying, french drain, waterproofing, backfill, concrete floor, floating slab and structural slab. We can also help you with the demolition work that is required before you start your project.

Why deal with 5-7 sub-contractors for the first stages of your construction when you can trust one specialist at a fixed and competitive price?

We do all the concrete work associated with the construction of a house or building. From the excavation to concrete floors, you just deal with one company who ensures the execution of the work. We apply proven methods to ensure quality and respect of timelines. With our turnkey service, you avoid wasting time and money trying to manage all these steps on your own.