About our business and our services

  • Who is Gesco Construction Inc. ?

    Gesco Construction Inc. is a licensed general contractor and with 14 specialized contractor subcategories. We can fulfill all your concrete work for residential and commercial projects. The company is a member of the APCHQ and it has been through the due diligence process of the organization.

  • Whos is your typical clientele?

    Mainly self-builders and contractors / builders looking to reduce their costs.

  • Does the company have liability insurance?

    Gesco has liability insurance with a recognized insurer for an amount of coverage equal and greater than what is required by most organizations in the field.

  • Why offer a turnkey service?

    Unfortunately, self-builders often underestimate the number of subcontractors involved in foundation work and thus neglect the coordination and monitoring of the quality. The business model is based on Gesco quality integrated services for all of the work on the foundations and concrete floors.

  • How much does it cost?

    We avoid ball park estimates. Detailed and comprehensive quotes are elaborated ​​from a plan and usually following an onsite visit within a few days. For example, the quality of concrete, type of construction, site access and the number of openings are all factors to consider in a foundation project, and therefore, they can influence the price.

  • What does the fixed price include?

    According to the plan, our quote usually includes excavation, connection to municipal services (water, sewer and storm), footings, foundation walls, French drain, stone laying, waterproofing, backfill, concrete floors and slabs. We can also include the demolition of existing buildings, site preparation and septic systems when required.

  • What is not included?

    Usually, our quotes do not include the plastering of foundation walls, the plans, the implementation (surveyor) and the plumbing work required before pouring concrete floors.

  • What are the factors that can change the final cost when compared to the initial quote?

    In most cases, changes requested by the client causes price adjustments. The cost of excavation may vary when we discover the presence of rock that has to be blasted or broken, unstable soils and abundant presence of water. In this case, the work is interrupted and solutions are discussed with the client.

  • Do I have to be present during the work?

    We ask that clients be available on the day of the excavation. We strive to avoid the unexpected, but when they arrive, it is usually during the excavation phase.

  • Do you have references?

    Our customers are always satisfied. We can put you in touch with clients for whom we have done work as soon as we have agreed on the terms of a contract.

  • What is the area covered by Gesco?

    We offer our services in Longueuil, Montréal, Laval, the North Shore up to Tremblant in the Laurentians. We can make exceptions depending on the scope of work.

  • What distinguishes Gesco from its competitors?

    Very few companies offer an integrated service at competitive prices. Gesco distinguishes itself by its excellent customer service, meeting deadlines and the quality of work performed.

  • When can I get a quote from Gesco?

    Once your plans are finalized.

  • What is the timeline for turn key foundations in a standard project?

    About 2 weeks (10 business days).

  • What are the warranties?

    Like any builder recognized by the Régie du Bâtiment (RBQ), Gesco is required to work in accordance with the standards established by the building code.

  • Should we expect cracks?

    Water is an important component of concrete. Even after one year, there is between 1 and 3% water in foundation walls. During drying (cure), shrinkage cracks may appear. These cracks are “normal” and have nothing to do with the quality of work. However, structural cracks in walls must be avoided as they affect the strength and impermeability.

  • Is it possible to add elements to concrete to make it stronger?

    Yes, it is possible to use more concentrated concrete (higher MPA), to add fiber and steel rebar.

  • Do you add steel reinforcement in concrete structures?

    Steel rebar and wire mesh are elements that can reduce the appearance of structural cracks.

  • Do you lift homes to build foundations beneath existing homes?

    We do build foundations underneath homes and we can refer you to companies that provide the « lifting » service.

  • Do you repair cracks and replace french drains?

    Yes, our mini-excavation division specializes in this type of work.

  • What is the warranty for crack repair?

    5 years.

  • What is the warranty for french drain replacement?

    10 years.

  • Do you construct structural slabs?

    Yes, Gesco can build structural slabs.

  • Do you build floating slabs for detached garages?

    Yes. The structure varies depending on usage and the type of load to be stored in the garage.

  • Do you do commercial work?

    Yes, Gesco has licences for this kind of work.